Mrs Bakers – Wimmera Hills Winery

This was a unique project with only a single phase supply coming into the property from the grid. The customer needed to run  3phase generator to run  the still and equipment to produce Gin on the farm.

seven20electrical was able to create a system where the generator now is used for back up.


The system consists of a 30kw ground mount solar system that connects into a seve20electrical power cube. The cube has 4 x 10kwh Redflow batteries & 4 x 15kw Victron Quattro inverters.

The system can deliver 3phase power from the solar & batteries, the generator is an auto start and can help when power usage exceeds the solar generation.

The Grid supply still supplements the system and charges the system when needed.

606 Glenpatrick Road, Elmhurst Vic
Wimmera Hills Winery