Destination M

The clients wanted to be as close to self-sufficient as they could be, while still keeping within a budget.

Destination M is a perfect fit for Redflow batteries that are fully sustainable. Destination M themselves produce most of their own food and resources on site. So, to couple this with a renewable energy power plant on site was a natural step.

Powering the system is 21kw of solar power through 4 x Fronius inverters, this is supplying the property with the excess energy charging the 3 x 10kwh Redflow Zcell storage units.

The brains of the system is the Victron Battery inverter charges which we have one per phase on a two phase grid system. The Victron energy management system talks directly to the Redflow BMS system and the Fronius PV inverters which and control where the energy is going and how much energy.

All this works effortlessly whilst reducing grid usage to a minimum. All this can be viewed through the Victron Energy Management System online from anywhere in the world.Gelliband

Gellibrand Lower, Victoria
Destination M